About Us

CareQuest was created to empower seniors and their families. Our goal is to preserve quality of life in a respectful, safe, and friendly setting.

Who We Are

CareQuest is a local and complimentary placement resource for older adults, serving Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Having toured and evaluated communities in both counties, we’ve helped thousands of older adults transition to various levels of independent and assisted living. For over 20 years, our passion has been helping families and elders find supportive living environments and the care and resources they need.


Juliane Bigelow

Contra Costa County

CareQuest was founded by Juliane Bigelow, MPT, a rehab physical therapist who has worked in hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities in Contra Costa County since 1992.

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“During my hospital experience I recognized a need for a community-based service that would assist seniors and their families identify and transition to assisted care settings.

Through my experiences, I have gained sensitivity to the needs of the elderly and their families.  I have also acquired an extensive knowledge of community resources to assist families in their own personal quest.

My mission is to help people. My approach is to work with compassion and respect for each individual.”



Helen Lindberg

Alameda County

Helen joined CareQuest in 2013, dedicating herself to helping families reach their goals by listening, assessing needs, and guiding them to supportive living environments.

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Helen works closely with her clients, local communities and care homes. With her grass roots and local effort, she has an intimate knowledge of communities and resources, which helps those in need choose the appropriate option.

“My process of helping older adults and their families through life transitions embraces acknowledgement, validation, and insights gained from unique life experiences. My goal is to help those I work with navigate the process of finding an environment that best suites their needs.”


Why choose CareQuest instead of a national agency?

Working with a local agency, such as CareQuest, ensures that you will be directed to appropriate communities and resources. We are familiar with communities and care homes in our area, plus meet with and frequently tour with our clients in person.

Large national companies, or internet agencies, traditionally do not meet with or personally evaluate their clients. In most cases, they do not screen based on financial boundaries and because they are not local, they do not personally tour or have intimate knowledge of the communities they suggest.

Furthermore, if you are searching online, personal information that you provide may get passed along to dozens of communities who have an obligation to call and or email you in attempts of persuading you to tour. These companies may even “claim” your initial inquiry to collect a referral fee, even if you choose not to work with them. This will make it more difficult for you and for a local agent to assist you.

By working with a local placement agency, like CareQuest, you will receive hands-on assistance and be ensured that the information you have is relevant

Let our experience help you or your loved one live the best life possible!

The CareQuest consultation is absolutely free of charge to you.