New Interview: Navigating the World of Senior Living Communities

There are many great options these days when it comes to senior living communities and long-term care, but that’s just it. There are hundreds of options. Finding the best solution for yourself or a loved one is a project and can be a daunting task for families. How do you truly know what the best choice is for elderly parents?

We’re happy to share that Juliane was recently asked to join estate planning attorney Kirsten Howe on a new episode of her podcast, Absolute Trust Talk. As you may know, Juliane has spent decades advocating for elders and their families, and with a trusted network that has been nurtured since 1990, it’s safe to say she knows her stuff. Listen in to hear a thorough discussion on all available senior living choices, the types of care offered, general costs, and more. No matter where you are in the planning or decision process, this episode will highlight all the factors you should consider.

Listen now, or watch on our YouTube page:

Highlights From This Episode:

  1. Finding out what’s important to people – who they are and what they like is key to helping maintain quality of life.
  2. Work with someone local, knows the communities, assess clients, and have a physical presence.
  3. Who pays for long-term care and senior living communities? We do with our assets that we save, long-term care insurance, and for veterans, a program called Aid and Attendance can help.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

4:21 – What is the difference between assisted living and board and care?

5:36 – This is the type of care provided in an assisted living facility if needed.

10:00 – How does memory care fit into these different types of senior living?

13:20 – Juliane talks about why you can’t necessarily “one-stop-shop” when looking for a care facility.

14:04 – This is how the process works, how families get started looking for a care facility.

18:00 – Do people with more complicated medical situations need assisted living?

21:07 – Juliane discusses how she stays in the know when it comes to what facilities are available and what they offer.

22:25 – How do you get someone to move out of their home and into a better environment if they don’t want to?

24:00 – Juliane talks about how you can find placement professionals in another county or state.

25:19 – What are the general costs of the senior living options discussed?

29:21 – Juliane covers who pays for these types of senior care.

30:13 – Spoiler alert – it’s free to work with Care Quest!